Thursday, July 14, 2011

I woke up this morning feeling really old.  Physically.  This is rare for me, but less rare since I had my daughter.   I would have preferred to lounge around the ole bed this morning, sipping coffee and waking up slowly or to do some Pilates or stretches.  But, the only time I get to run on a Thursday is before my husband leaves for work.  So, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed, irritated also, that I only had a half hour to run.  I have been hoping to start getting more distance runs in, but there are some practicality issues - mostly due to breastfeeding.  I keep telling myself only three months more and I will have my body back and can get up at the ass crack of dawn and run as much as I please - plus it will not be in the 90's at 7am, either.

Ok, back to this morning.  I zombily jumped into my running gear and had a great albeit short run.  I felt really creaky at first, my knees were grouching, the attachment of my medial hamstring seems to be a little pulled, but the gloriosity of the blue-blue sky, the for once cool filled me with overwhelming gratitude.  And off I went.  I ran fast for my geriatric-loping self.  It was wonderful.

When I get tired, I visualize my hamstrings as big chunky muscles who must reach longer and work harder.  It helps every single time to keep my body moving and energized.

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