Wednesday, June 8, 2011

While I have not been busy blogging, I have been busy getting my strength back.  I've begun running again which feels great and may I mention the amazing way running shoes have progressed in the last few years that I have not been a runner?  As always, following my yoga and Pilates workouts, but I've newly found the TRX.  We have it at the studio, so I figured I better take a few workshops and start poking around.  I got really excited at all the yoga possiblities TRX has.  For instance jumpbacks and especially jumping from into crow/crane and side crow/crane.  All sorts of balance and lunge things spring to mind.

I've been thinking of this blog and where my passions lie - as in what do I really want to share with you?  I heard this wild statistic recently that 1 in 4 women over 40 have issues with incontinence.  I'm sure this is true.  I love teaching women to find and strengthen their pelvic floor.  I guess it's the punk rocker in me, loving to talk about the thing that is supposed to be so quiet.  Well screw that, I want my peers to be able to sneeze and cough with confidence.  I'm also a great lover of the plank exercise and all its glorious variations.  This will probably be a mish mosh of practical ways to build strength.  My biggest passion is assisting the willing to unite and give mastery to mind over body.  I just love it.

Working with bodies is a great joy and I'm grateful every day for my amazing clients so willing to go there.  Every so often clients will give me the greatest gift of saying they heard something I had said in their mind and applied it to a workout or life.  On the off chance I could impart some of the wisdom of my teachers and mentors, I visualize this blog as a place to share videos - how to do sneaky workouts in the grocery store, how to breathe in the car so you don't go bonkers in traffic, how to find your pelvic floor, how to do a plank that will impress your friends and neighbors (well, but only if you are given the opportunity, because unnecessary planking is just boasting, really), a proper "sit up", how to breathe to whittle your waist, etc.